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Professional Services

We provide qualified professionals for a variety of positions, including accountants, banking professionals, HR specialists, business support and legal staff. With expert market knowledge, a global database of candidates, and offices on four continents, we can deliver on all your professional recruitment needs.

By learning as much as we can about your business and industry, we’re able to pre-screen candidates with greater efficiency, identifying the precise skills, experience and personality traits that are the best fit for your company.

Our divisions include:
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Executive Assistants & Business Support
  • Human Resources
  • Executive
  • Legal

Running a professional services business is all about time. You need to effectively track it, bill it and collect it. You need to ensure your people are all fully utilized, so that you can capitalize on every hour of the day. And most of all, you need to make sure you're not losing money and time that you can't ever get back.

With a Professional Services solution from Vayu Inc, you can be confident you're collecting on every hour owed to you, and improve your business by:

  • Recording and billing time faster for improved cash flow
  • Improving project management with real-time access to status reports and complete project accounting
  • Increasing customer service
  • Accurately applying time and expenses to projects
  • Integrating project and financial accounting systems
  • Estimating demand and allocating resources
  • Helping you realize all billable hours
  • Tracking utilization for each team member
  • And more.

To improve your professional services business with an integrated, complete management solution from Vayu Inc, contact us today!

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Case Studies

CRM & Support System
Vayu's services developed a new CRM system to address the needs of a fast growing user community. Vayu Inc CRM team provided solution to meet the customer needs.
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Client Testimonials

We have been continually using Vayu Inc for our staffing requirements, and we can confidently state that we would not have to turn to anyone else.
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