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Vayu Forecasting:

Vayu Forecasting System offers a best-in-class budgeting, forecasting and planning solution that delivers robust, fully integrated financial models. Vayu Forecasting System delivers most comprehensive and flexible budge forecasting system for publishing business services. The system provides robust, fully integrated financial forecasting for up to next 5 years, in less time, with greater accuracy than was ever possible with older spreadsheet technology. The system gives accuracy combined with Flexibille. The dynamic, driver-based budgets and rolling forecasts improve the accuracy of strategic plan and enable rapid response to changing market conditions. Models are highly transparent and easy to follow, making for the clear, unambiguous presentation of the financial case.

Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning is Key to the Success

Vayu Forecasting System will help your Business Success

How it helps your company?

  • Vayu Forecasting System does everything your business needs to manage the bottom-up and top-down budgeting process.
  • Vayu offers a best-in-class budgeting, forecasting and planning solution that delivers robust, fully integrated financial models.
  • This system has been designed specifically for the task, so you will gain actionable budgets and plans and benefit from reduced cycle time
  • Creates dynamic budgets using key financial and non-financial business-drivers, for a more realistic working model of your business.
  • Creates unlimited alternative scenarios and have them all reside within the same model.
  • Lets you weigh the benefits and risks of various plans, assumptions and strategies with greater confidence.
  • Gain an understanding of the cause-and-effect relationship between key performance drivers, thereby improving the accuracy of forecasts.
  • Reporting module that provides highly visual, easy to understand reports.
  • Reports can be exported to Excel, Pdf, Power Point or any other office tool.
  • Imports historical accounting data and constructs a projection ready model in less than 15 minute depending upon the size of the historical data and the forecasting assumptions.
  • And many more.
  • Please see demo for more Information.

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Case Studies

CRM & Support System
Vayu's services developed a new CRM system to address the needs of a fast growing user community. Vayu Inc CRM team provided solution to meet the customer needs.
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We have been continually using Vayu Inc for our staffing requirements, and we can confidently state that we would not have to turn to anyone else.
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