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Technical Capabilities

Vayu Technical Capabilities in Application Development:

Vayu has strong expertise in developing such applications using Microsoft, J2EE, or open source application development frameworks.

Microsoft .NET
  • Enterprise Application
  • VB.Net, C#, ADO.Net, Active
    Directory, .Net, VB, VC++ etc.
  • Enterprise Web Enabling using
    XSL- FO, SQL Server
  • Enterprise Communication
    using SOAP, COM+ and .Net
  • Enterprise Data Enabling using
    ADO, ODBC, MQ Series and
  • Core Java, JSP, EJB, Servlets,
    Struts, Hibernate, Spring
  • Middleware technologies (BEA,
    Weblogic, IBM Websphere,
    Silver Stream, JRun, Jaguar
  • Open Source Development
    (Eclipse, Jboss, Tomcat,
    Avalon, Phoenix, Struts,
    Cocoon, Jakarta/Apache,
  • Testing methodologies using -
    Junit, JProbe, Optimizeit,
  • Development platforms
    (Windows, Unix, Linux, HP-UX,
    IBM Mainframes & Midrange
  • Web Services, EAI, Migration,
    B2Bi, SCM using Standard,
    Custom built and Third party
Open Source
  • PHP, MySQL,
    Apache, Linux

QTP, Load Runner, Silk Test, Test Director, Win Runner and Manual Testing

SOA Web Services

N-Tier Applications

SOA and Web Services
Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) is beginning to revolutionize IT systems structures. Over half of large corporations are moving to an SOA-based environment. The SOA design approach focuses on organizing business systems as reusable components, not fixed processes. It requires coordination with potentially many parts of the organization and is a continuous process that changes the way IT technologies are developed and implemented. SOA enables organizations to respond to change with flexibility and agility.
One of the key enabling standards for SOA are web services. SOA and web services enable organizations to align IT systems with business needs. In addition, SOA promises to reduce development and maintenance costs because these services are shared across multiple systems instead of being duplicated.
Vayu provides complete SOA and web services solutions. We partner with you to design, develop and deploy these systems around your business model. ..more

N-tier applications
N-Tier application frameworks allow the presentation layer, dynamic presentation layer, business layer, and data layer to exist independently with just-in-time coupling to enable simplfied maintenance and management.
The layered approach allows each layer to focus on a specific role -- for example, web servers to serve web pages, application servers to serve business logic components, and a database server to store and serve data. XML, an industry standard lightweight data transfer framework can be used for data transfer within the application layers and with other systems.
Vayu has strong expertise in developing such applications using Microsoft, J2EE, or open source application development frameworks.

Mobile Solutions
Wireless solutions provide users with access to real-time information anywhere in their organization, anywhere in the world. This mobility supports productivity and service opportunities not possible with wired networks. Organizations are rapidly adapting mobile technology to improve their competitive advantage and customer management.
Vayu’s Mobile solutions use emerging technologies and a unique approach to empower people to do anything, anytime, and anywhere. Vayu’s has an extensive Windows CE and Palm OS knowledge and has executed multiple projects using these technologies.

Reporting Solutions
Every quarter, companies face challenges in delivering accurate and timely financial reports to the management, shareholders, and the market. Due to recent financial scams within many large organizations, tight regulations have been imposed such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act which require companies to implement a completely retraceable reporting process. Also the BASEL II and IAS legislation requires companies to thoroughly review and update their financial statements reporting systems..
Vayu specializes in developing regulatory, MIS, business intelligence, and ad-hoc reports. As part of our consulting services, our industry and domain experts help you identify reporting gaps and implement fixes.


Case Studies

CRM & Support System
Vayu's services developed a new CRM system to address the needs of a fast growing user community. Vayu Inc CRM team provided solution to meet the customer needs.
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Client Testimonials

We have been continually using Vayu Inc for our staffing requirements, and we can confidently state that we would not have to turn to anyone else.
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