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E-Commerce & Website Development:

As websites and intranets have become a standard medium of communication and conducting business, it is critical for organizations to ensure that the content is accessed effectively and effortlessly by its intended audience and at the same time is very aesthetic and promotes corporate branding and identity.
Whether you are building a new dynamic website, sprucing up an existing one, or looking to developing a e-commerce website, we will enable you to realize your goal. We will engage with you to deliver a unique, crisp and vibrant site, and apply the appropriate technology to accomplish the objectives of the site. Our designing and engineering team has a portfolio that boasts the following:

  • Unique, vibrant, simple web sites
  • Forms interface to database or e-mail
  • Secure sections of web site
  • Role based access to various features
  • E-commerce integration accepting credit cards, digital currency and checks
  • Electronic catalogs
  • Integration of mapping, third party services such as Carfax, Mapquest, and e-mail service
  • Advertising
  • Customized reports from database
  • Web site performance and usage through the use of web server logs
  • Database design, implementation and search capability
  • Keyword indexing and document search capability
  • Integration of Web Search & Site Search engines
  • Presentation layer programming in DHTML, Javascript, JSP, ASP
  • XML integration
  • Java applet & Servlet development.
  • Integration of third party tools such as Charting applications & Reporting tools
  • Site maintenance & support


Case Studies

CRM & Support System
Vayu's services developed a new CRM system to address the needs of a fast growing user community. Vayu Inc CRM team provided solution to meet the customer needs.
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Client Testimonials

We have been continually using Vayu Inc for our staffing requirements, and we can confidently state that we would not have to turn to anyone else.
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